questions about dental implants

questions about dental implantsQuestions about Dental Implants

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Are you living with a missing tooth? Restore your smile with a tooth replacement that can last the rest of your life by receiving a dental implant in Choto.

Here are some frequently asked questions that you may find helpful if you are considering dental implants in Knoxville.

Why consider a dental implant?

An implant is the only tooth replacement available that replaces the tooth root and provides stimulation to the jawbone. When a tooth is lost or removed, the jawbone eventually will deteriorate because of this lack of stimulation. Other, temporary tooth replacement options such as a partial denture, dental bridge, or even complete dentures do not stimulate the jawbone in the same fashion.

Implants also are permanent. They are anchored into the mouth through the implant screw itself, which is inserted surgically into the jawbone. Because of this, an implant is resistant to decay and will not slip or shift like dentures can. It also does not need to be removed to be cleaned; just brush and floss an implant the same way you would your natural teeth.

How much does an implant cost?

Before beginning any implant procedure, we hold an initial consultation and conduct a thorough evaluation of your overall oral health. Then, we compose a treatment plan that outlines the specifics of the procedure, as well as the estimated cost. Implants do have a higher up-front cost than other tooth replacements. However, the permanence and longevity of an implant makes the long-term investment very worthwhile.

How long does it take to install a dental implant?

Any patient who receives a dental implant can anticipate multiple office visits to complete the procedure. At the first appointment, your dental implant dentist in Northshore will place the implant screw into your jawbone. As you heal, the implant will fuse to your jawbone. This healing process usually takes between 3 to 6 months. Once healing is complete, we will fabricate and then attach a dental crown to the implant to complete the process.

Are dental implants safe?

Implants have a proven track record of being a safe procedure with nearly a 95 percent success rate. Remember that any surgical procedure carries a certain amount of risk, and that risk can increase if you smoke or have certain pre-existing conditions. Your dentist should evaluate your entire medical history before starting work on any dental implant procedure.

Does it hurt to have the implant installed?

Many people who receive dental implants report that they can resume their normal routine the day after the implant is inserted into their jawbone. Most discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication. Following your procedure, we will provide you with specific post-operative care instructions. Also, do not hesitate to call our office should you have any questions or concerns throughout your healing process.

Dental Implants in Knoxville

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