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Replace multiple lost teeth by receiving a partial denture from the team of oral health professionals at Choto Family Dentistry.

What is a partial denture?

A partial denture is a prosthetic tooth replacement that is removable. It can replace multiple lost teeth on the same dental arch—upper or lower—even if those lost teeth are not adjacent to one another in the mouth. It consists of a framework, metal covered in acrylic, and sometimes metal-free, which are molded to fit along either the roof of your mouth or along the ridge of your lower jaw, depending on the placement of the partial denture.

Attached to the framework are your replacement teeth that are made to look indistinguishable from your other teeth. Clasps are sometimes used to help hold the partial denture in place. These clasps usually fit around a couple of your existing teeth and help provide a secure fit. However, some partial dentures do not require clasps.

When worn, a partial denture restores gaps in your smile, boosting self-confidence while also providing a stable bite for eating and chewing.

What to expect from a partial denture procedure

The first step in installing a partial is to take digital impressions of the mouth, which provide a model from which your new partial denture is fabricated. It may take a couple of weeks for our trusted dental lab to handcraft your partial denture. You will return to our Choto dental office for a second appointment to receive your new partial denture.

At Choto Family Dentistry, we construct partial dentures while keeping neuromuscular dimensions in mind. This means we take extra care to fabricate the dentures to maintain, or even improve, the alignment of your bite. Doing so reduces the risk of oral health problems later in life, including temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), which often causes debilitating pain.

Benefits of a Partial Denture:

  • A partial denture is ideal for anyone who has lost or is about to lose multiple teeth – even if you lost a tooth years ago, you might still be a candidate for a partial denture
  • It also is an affordable tooth replacement option
  • Helps restore your smile and self-confidence
  • Easy to remove and keep clean

Partial Dentures in Choto, Northshore, and Knoxville

We have three different types of partial dentures available for our patients:

  • Metal partials have a metal framework that is covered by an acrylic base with the prosthetic replacement teeth attached. We will match the replacement teeth in shape and color to look as much like your remaining teeth as possible. The partial attaches to the teeth through a set of clasps on the framework.
  • Metal-free partials are ideal for any patient with several lost teeth who also suffers from a metal allergy. This type of partial has other advantages. Patients report metal-free partials are lighter, more flexible, and more comfortable because of the absence of the metal framework and clasps, which can irritate your gums. A metal-free partial also is the better aesthetic choice since it avoids the need for metal clasps that are often visible to others.
  • ERA attached partials are similar in nature to a traditional partial, but instead of connecting to existing teeth, it connects to dental implants that are strategically placed into the jaw bone. These are ideal for patients with significant tooth loss, but that do not yet require a complete denture, or for patients who do not have strong enough teeth to stabilize a partial.

Caring for your partial denture

A patient who receives a partial denture needs to remove it to be cleaned, and prior to sleep. You can clean your partial denture using a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste or denture cleanser. Be sure to store your partial denture, when not in use, in the case that we provide you to protect it against damage. Even with a partial denture, you still will need to receive routine dental checkups and cleanings to ensure the health and longevity of your existing teeth.

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