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childs facial development

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Parents spend so much time, energy, and money taking care of their children. You want to ensure your child is eating enough and getting proper nutrition, and that he or she is getting enough rest. Have you ever paid attention to the way your child breathes? It has been estimated that 80 to 85 percent of five-year-olds in the United States frequently breathe through the mouth. This unconscious behavior can have a host of potential negative impacts on the health and wellness of your child, even changing their appearance as their jaws and face develop. Read on to find out more about this issue, and how Choto Family Dentistry in Knoxville can correct facial development to transform your child’s appearance for the better.

Are you aware of the signs of proper facial development?

These include, but are not limited to, having well-defined eyes, lips, and chin; clearly distinctive cheekbones; and having a broad, wider facial structure. All facial features will appear to be in the right proportion—in other words, that everything is in the right place.

Mouth breathing disrupts the natural genetic intent of your child’s facial development

We all breathe through the mouth from time to time due to a cold or congestion, but ideally, your everyday breathing should take place through the nose with the mouth closed. Nasal breathing has several benefits for your overall wellness, including greater absorption of oxygen and a decrease in the bad bacteria in both your mouth and your entire system due to the increased production of nitric oxide. However, environmental and behavioral factors have made breathing through the mouth increasingly common, especially in Western society.

Here’s what happens when your child breathes through the mouth

This method of breathing places additional exertion on the cheek muscles, leading them to become taut. This increased tightening also places undue stress on the jaws, eventually pushing in the sides of your face. The dental arches become narrower, increasing the likelihood of an eventual airway issue such as a sleep breathing disorder. Teeth often become crooked or protrude, resulting in the need for orthodontics later on. Over time, the very structure of your child’s face is altered, usually by being lengthened. The nose appears more prominent because the jaws are not in their ideal forward position. A double chin is likely to form. Because the jaws also are set back from their normal position, your child is more susceptible to a dysfunction related to the jaws like temporomandibular joint disorder.

A dentist experienced in facial development can detect any problems in even young children

It is recommended that your child should be examined by at least their sixth birthday to determine any potential issues related to facial development. Early detection makes treatment easier as well. The developmental dysfunction can be corrected through non-invasive means such as myofunctional therapy or oral appliance therapy, eliminating the need for more intensive and complicated procedures such as braces, the need to extract permanent teeth, or even jaw surgery.

Myofunctional therapy can change everything

Do you know what resting oral posture is? This refers to how your orofacial system should be positioned when you are not eating or speaking. The recommended oral resting posture consists of having lips closed, teeth closed, and the tongue resting comfortably against the roof of the mouth. This also encourages the recommended method of breathing—through the nose.

Myofunctional Therapy in Knoxville, Northshore, and Choto

At Choto Family Dentistry, your Knoxville dentists Dr. Darrel Clabough and Dr. Tommy Spears are proud to offer myofunctional therapy as part of our wide range of services. Learn more about this method of treatment or schedule an appointment for one of our dentists to examine your child’s facial development or airway by calling (865) 269-6688.

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