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laser perio therapyLaser Perio Therapy

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Periodontitis, an advanced stage of gum disease, is a serious threat to your oral health and even can magnify your risk of developing heart disease and other ailments. At Choto Family Dentistry, your local Knoxville dentist can treat periodontitis through the use of our precise dental laser.

How does laser therapy help treat gum disease?

As part of the commitment at Choto Family Dentistry to provide the highest possible level of care, we use a soft tissue laser. This technology is more accurate and less invasive than using traditional means of surgery that involves a scalpel and sutures, as well as a lengthy and uncomfortable recovery. This laser emits a highly concentrated beam of light that, through fiber optics, is directed into your mouth. Our dental laser is low-powered, making it safe yet effective for treating damaged or diseased gum tissue that has suffered the results of gum disease.

Laser therapy is used to remove infected gum tissue, which is the cause of gum disease. Before laser technology, this tissue had to be removed through traditional gum surgery, which is exactly what it sounds like—cutting into the gum tissue with a scalpel. By contrast, treating gum disease with a laser is more precise and far less invasive. Rather than make incisions using a scalpel, a precise dental laser vaporizes the infected gum tissue and immediate cauterizes and seals the wound, minimizing the risk of infection.

Advantages of Laser Therapy

Other advantages to laser therapy, as compared to traditional gum surgery, include the following:

  • Far less pain and discomfort, both during and after the procedure
  • Little to no bleeding
  • Much shorter recovery time
  • Safe for patients with pre-existing conditions that preclude them from traditional surgery

Laser therapy also preserves a much greater quantity of the gum tissue, which also contributes to an easier recovery.

What to expect after laser therapy

After undergoing laser therapy, your gums may be swollen and/or sore for up to a week. You should stick to a diet of soft foods for the first few days after the procedure, while also adding an oral rinse to your normal routine of oral hygiene. Any discomfort following a laser therapy procedure usually can be managed through an over-the-counter pain reliever or otherwise instructed by your Knoxville dentist.

Why is treatment needed for gum disease?

Laser therapy is recommended for periodontitis, the advanced stage of gum disease. Once gum disease reaches this stage, the bacteria causing the infection in your gums has destroyed healthy tissue, causing the gums to recede and form pockets between the gums and the teeth. These pockets only can be cleaned out through professional treatment from a dentist or periodontist. If not treated, the gum tissue will continue to shrink away from your teeth, leading to tooth sensitivity, aesthetic concerns, as well as tooth loss.

When gum disease reaches this stage of periodontitis, then permanent damage has been done to your teeth and mouth. If treatment is not sought, your gum disease continues to advance, eventually causing tooth loss and deterioration of the supporting bone structure. Furthermore, recent research completed by the American Academy of Periodontology has shown that people with gum disease have nearly double the risk for developing heart disease.

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Laser Gum Therapy in Knoxville

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