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We hate to break it to you, but even if you brush and floss regularly and visit your dentist as recommended, the chances are good that you will need a filling at some point in your life.

If you have a cavity that needs to be filled, let the family dentists at Choto Family Dentistry repair the damage, and spare your tooth from extraction by installing a new filling. At Choto Family Dentistry, we offer both composite and amalgam fillings.

What is a tooth-colored filling?

A tooth-colored filling consists of glass or quartz filler, contained in a resin medium. This type of filling is suggested for small cavities or areas of tooth decay.

We also can install a tooth-colored filling to replace older dental work—metal amalgam fillings, should you wish to opt for a more natural look for your teeth.

Why choose a tooth-colored filling?

Tooth-colored fillings are natural looking, and healthy for your teeth since they do not lead to tooth fractures. Composite fillings also make for an aesthetic choice to repair your teeth, especially if the tooth being treated in highly visible when you speak or smile – like a front tooth.

These fillings are durable even for back teeth such as your molars, so you do not have to compromise aesthetics for function.

A tooth-colored filling also is metal-free, making it ideal for any individual suffering from a metal allergy. Did you know that one of the most common types of metal allergies in people is nickel? Nickel also is one of the most common materials used to make metal amalgam fillings.

What can I expect during the placing of a tooth-colored filling?

While every patient has different needs, we can place a tooth-colored filling in a single appointment.

After administering a local anesthetic to guarantee you do not feel any discomfort during the procedure, the dentist prepares the tooth by removing the cavity and any tooth structure that has been damaged due to decay. Next, your tooth is cleaned and prepared with a special adhesive, which will be used to bond the filling to your tooth. A composite resin will be placed onto the hole in your tooth where the cavity and decay resided and then the filling is hardened through the use of a special light. The final step involves shaping and polishing the restoration.

Dental Fillings in Knoxville

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