benefits of recontouring

benefits of recontouringBenefits of Recontouring

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Are your gums uneven from the devastating effects of gum disease? Perhaps your gums cover too much of your teeth, making your teeth appear shorter, resulting in the appearance of a “gummy” smile. Thanks to advances in dental technology, altering your gum line or changing the appearance of your gums is easier than ever through a laser gum recontouring procedure. This state-of-the-art procedure is considered to be superior to alternative treatments, such as traditional gum surgery, for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at the benefits of gum recontouring.

A recontouring is performed using a soft tissue laser. At Choto Family Dentistry, your local Knoxville dentist can use this precise dental laser to perform an assortment of different treatments. As compared to traditional surgical procedures, which involve cutting the gum tissue with a scalpel, a laser gum recontouring is much more precise and less invasive, which means superior results are achieved in less time and resulting in a much easier recovery for the patient. By using a soft tissue laser, the gum tissue is vaporized, also killing any bacteria present on the gums. Any wound created by the laser is cauterized immediately, sealing the wound and reducing the risk of infection.

A laser recontouring also has the following advantages over traditional gum surgery:

  • Minimal discomfort, swelling, or bleeding as compared to traditional gum surgery (both during and after procedure)
  • No stitches or sutures required because your gums experience less trauma compared to traditional gum surgery
  • Significantly shorter recovery time – by contrast, gum surgery has a lengthy and potentially painful recovery period, during which you are at risk of developing an infection
  • Little to no discomfort following the procedure
  • Can treat more than one area at a time, unlike traditional surgical means

What can laser gum recontouring treat?

An experienced cosmetic dentist, such as the dentists on staff at Choto Family Dentistry, can perform a laser gum recontouring to correct any of the following aesthetic issues pertaining to your gums:

  • Gums that cover too much of the teeth, resulting in a “gummy” smile
  • Receding gums
  • A gum line that is uneven
  • Red or puffy gums as a result of gum disease

Additional Benefits

The benefits to receiving a gum recontouring go beyond mere appearance. Many patients who undergo this procedure report less pain and inflammation from their gums; this can be caused if there is an excess of gum tissue, which can be a source of irritation. Removing excess gum tissue also can make it easier to perform your oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing, thus improving your overall level of oral health.

Laser Gum Recontouring in Knoxville

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your gums and would like to learn more about laser gum recontouring, make sure to seek the care of a Knoxville dentist with training and experience in both cosmetic dentistry and laser dentistry. To learn more about a laser recontouring procedure or any of the other cosmetic procedures you can receive from Choto Family Dentistry, call our office today at (865) 409-5077 to schedule a consultation.

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